Partner Robert L. Reisinger successfully prevailed after voir dire.

Facts of the case: Case of disputed liability between the driver of a mini van and plaintiff motorcyclist on eastbound Orangethorpe Avenue in Fullerton, California. Our client made a right turn into a gas station when she was rear-ended by plaintiff.  Plaintiff alleged that our client cut him off.  The plaintiff sustained a fractured tibia and fractured his sacrum and dislocated his pubic area.  Plaintiff underwent an open reduction internal fixation, resulting in a 7.5 inch rod through his sacrum and six screws threw his pelvis.  Plaintiff was also diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, giving rise to his wife’s loss of consortium claim.

Damages Submitted: Plaintiff’s medical specials were $446,447.44 and loss of earnings claim of $27,000

Plantiff’s last demand: Plaintiff demanded $400,000-$500,000

Verdict: Plaintiff accepted $100,00 after voir dire