Partner Robert L. Reisinger had a very successful result in a trial where the jury awarded a defense verdict of zero.

Facts of the case: Plaintiff, a 49 year-old female alleged that she was riding a bicycle through the intersection of 97th Street and Inglewood Ave., in Inglewood, California. Plaintiff alleged that defendant failed to stop at the stop sign and struck her bicycle. Defendant contended that his vehicle did not make contact with the plaintiff, that she simply jumped into the street on her bicycle and fell to the ground causing her own injuries.  Plaintiff claimed she suffered injury to her neck, disc bulges, an acute compression fracture in the low back, a superior compression fracture, and was advised to undergo a series of epidural injections and surgery.

Damages Submitted: Plaintiff’s medical specials were $56,780 with future medical care of $30,585

Plantiff’s last demand: Plaintiff’s pre-trial demand was $45,000; Plaintiff demanded $130,203 at trial

Defendant’s last offer: $0 with waiver of costs

Verdict: $0 (defense)