Partner Jim Savage recently obtained a Defense Verdict in a Dental Malpractice trial

Plaintiff was a mechanical engineer who received extensive dental treatment from the defendant dentist over a two and one-half year period consisting of occlusal splint therapy and the placement of full mouth composite restorations.  Plaintiff alleged the defendant’s treatment caused severe malocclusion and obstructive sleep apnea.  CBCT scans taken before and after the treatment revealed a 70% decrease in the patient’s airway.

Plaintiff asked the jury to award $352,000 in economic damages and left it up to the jury to determine a fair amount of non-economic damages.  Plaintiff served a CCP §998 Offer to Compromise for $150,000 prior to trial.  Defendant served a CCP §998 Offer to Compromise for a waiver of costs.

The trial occurred in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Pomona Courthouse, before the Honorable Thomas Falls.  The jury determined Mr. Savage’s client did not cause plaintiff’s alleged damages and rendered a defense verdict.  Defendant will be obtaining costs from the plaintiff due to this result.