Partner Jim Savage recently obtained defense verdicts in two separate Dental Malpractice trials.

The first trial occurred in Orange County where plaintiff claimed 16 teeth were unnecessarily extracted and three sets of dentures were improperly placed in her mouth.  The jury verdict found in favor of defendant with a 12-0 vote.

The second case was tried in Chatsworth.  Plaintiff underwent extractions, bone grafts, apicoectomies, and had several implants, crowns, and veneers placed in her mouth.  The treatment at issue occurred over a three-and-a-half-year period and allegedly resulted in bone loss, recession, and the need for substantial subsequent treatment.  Plaintiff asked the jury to award $825,000.  Plaintiff was offered $50,000 to settle before trial, but that offer was rejected.  The jury deliberated for two hours and found in favor of defendant by a 12-0 vote.

Costs are being pursued against both plaintiffs.