Partner Robert L. Reisinger had a favorable verdict where our client was found 0% at fault and paid nothing.

Facts of the case: Plaintiff was driving a pickup truck owned by his employer in the course and scope of his employment at the time of the accident. Plaintiff was making a left turn in the number two of two left turn lanes at Sepulveda and San Fernando Road. Our defendant was also making a left hand turn in the number one of two lanes at the same intersection when a city trash truck struck both defendant and plaintiff during their left-hand turns. Plaintiff fractured his left humerus in two places, fractured a left sided rib, fractured a right twelfth rib, fractured his pelvis and left scapular clavicle, and fractured his left elbow.

Damages Submitted: Plaintiff’s medical specials were $195,348 with future medical care of $200,000 and loss of earnings claim of $40,000

Plantiff’s last demand: Plaintiff demanded $6,400,000 at trial

Verdict: $892,973 with 60% liability on plaintiff and 40% liability on co-defendant. Our client was found 0% at fault and paid nothing.